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High-Impact Experience


The high-impact experience will help connect your academic studies and outside-the-classroom engagement, thus putting your learning into action! There are several types of high-impact experiential opportunities at Carolina:

Public service — Study abroad — Internships — Performance creation or production — Undergraduate Learning Assistant, ULA, or other teaching experiences — Collaborative Online International Learning, COIL — Students can fulfill this requirement by taking a second Research & Discovery course.

Learning Outcomes

These are the learning outcomes that are expected of students after completing a course.


Explain the connections between academic studies and outside-the-classroom experiences and observations.


Apply knowledge in complex or ambiguous situations.


Develop questions from experiences and observations to deepen and extend academic inquiry.

Questions for Students

These are the types of questions you should be able to answer after completing a course.


How do things I have learned in the classroom apply to outside settings?


How can experiences and observation raise or answer questions in academic settings?


How can I meaningfully reflect to help navigate complexities and ambiguities I encounter?

Course Offerings

There are a wide range of courses you can take to meet the High Impact requirement. Here are a few examples:

Faculty Resources

Faculty from across the University are encouraged to develop and submit a course proposal for a High Impact Experience.

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