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The General Education Oversight Committee, GEOC, oversees assessment of the IDEAs in Action curriculum, examines results, and proposes curricular change. The committee is comprised of five members of the voting faculty elected by the faculty, one faculty member appointed by the dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, the chair of the Educational Policy Committee, EPC, or her/his designee from EPC membership, two undergraduate students appointed by UNC Student Government, and ex officio members from Undergraduate Education.

The committee operates under the auspices of the Administrative Boards of the College of Arts & Sciences and will be supported sufficiently to allow ongoing assessment and consideration of innovations in the amendment of the curriculum. Institutional Research and Assessment will gather and provide appropriate data as needed to support the committee’s work.
In the third year following implementation, the Administrative Boards of the College will review the GEOC’s composition and charge.

For more information, see the Office of Faculty Governance.

Ongoing Review

On an annual basis, the GEOC will oversee ongoing review of elements of the general education curriculum, assessing successes and weaknesses and identifying opportunities for improvement. In general, GEOC membership will decide the order and priority of assessment of elements of the curriculum and student learning outcomes.

A full review of the curriculum will be conducted during the 2024-2025 academic year, prior to the next SACSCOC decennial self-study which is due in September 2026.

2021-2022 Assessment Priorities

  • Writing at the Research University – ENGL 105
  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Global Language

SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation

SACSCOC 2018 Edition of the Principles of Accreditation: Foundation for Quality Enhancement, Section 8, Standard 2.B.

The institution identifies expected outcomes, assesses the extend to which it achieves these outcomes, and provides evidence of seeking improvement based on analysis of the results in the areas below:

  • Student learning outcomes for collegiate-level general education competencies of its undergraduate degree programs. Student outcomes: general education.


Please contact the chair of the General Education Oversight Committee.

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