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Creative Expression, Practice, & Production

Creative Expression, Practice, and Production



No matter your academic interests, there are components of creativity needed to produce, test and implement ideas. You will engage in a full range of learning experiences where you will be able to learn new techniques, utilize multimedia tools and create products that reflect your viewpoints and align with your interests. You will walk away being mindful of how to express yourself and understand the impact that this expression has on others.

Learning Outcomes

These are the learning outcomes that are expected of students after completing a course.


Compose, design, build, present, or perform a work that is the result of immersion in a creative process using appropriate media, tools, and techniques


Explain the roles and influences of creativity, technologies, materials, and design processes in the creation of knowledge, expression, and effective solutions.


Evaluate their own and others’ creative work to demonstrate how critique creates value in creative domains.

Questions for Students

These are the types of questions you should be able to answer after completing a course.


What processes and practices can I use to produce meaningful expression or effective solutions with lasting impact?


How does collaboration and teamwork change or enhance the creative process?


How does a design strategy affect or enhance the creation and evaluation of a work of value?

Course Offerings

There are a wide range of courses you can take to meet the Creative Expression, Practice, & Production focus capacity requirement. Here are a few examples:

AAAD 261

Afro-Cuban Dance: History, Theory, and Practice


APPL 110

Introduction to Design and Making: Developing Your Personal Design Potential


ARTS 105

Photography I


BMME 697

BMME Senior Design I


ENGL 136

The Publishing Industry: Editing, Design, and Production


MEJO 121

Introduction to Digital Storytelling


Faculty Resources

Any department may offer classes that fulfill any focus capacity as long as they meet the learning outcomes for that capacity.