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Ideas, Information, and Inquiry

Triple-I: Ideas, Information, & Inquiry


Each Triple-I course brings together three outstanding professors from different departments across the university so that students can study a common theme from several perspectives. These courses offer unique opportunities for students to join some of UNC’s top scholars as they investigate big ideas, while making connections and drawing distinctions between diverse disciplines and approaches. Students will develop key critical-thinking skills with lasting impacts on their future studies and life experiences. Triple-I courses demonstrate the power of multi-disciplinary thinking in an increasingly complex world.

Learning Outcomes

These are the learning outcomes that are expected of students after completing a Triple-I course.


Gain exposure to the three disciplines and their methods of inquiry.


Compare and contrast different ways that scholars address a question, problem, or theme.


Understand the power of approaching a topic from multiple perspectives.


Learn how different disciplines understand and use data and evidence.

Data Literacy Component

The fourth credit hour of each Triple-I course will be dedicated to data literacy. This largely workshop-style class introduces students to the ways in which professional data analysts think about and manage data, as well as the techniques and considerations that are involved in transforming data into information to support a claim, perspective or proposition.

This class introduces students to some important concepts that can help them make more informed decisions about how to work with data, while at the same time, getting them familiar with some of the tools professionals use when working with data. Students practice on datasets that have been put together by past students in this class, and through that practice, they learn how to prepare data for analysis and explore data through visualizations.

Course Offerings

There are a variety of courses you can take to meet the Triple-I requirement:

IDST 111

Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy


IDST 112

Death and Dying


IDST 113

The Idea of Race


IDST 114

Science Fiction, the Environment, and Vulnerable Communities


IDST 115

Understanding Health and Happiness


IDST 116



IDST 117

Experiencing Latin America: Bodies, Belonging, Nature


IDST 190-008

Fake News, Real Science


IDST 190-009

Food: People, Politics, Policy


IDST 190-010

Myths, Moons, and Methods: Changing Worldviews in Astronomy


IDST 190-011

The South


IDST 190-012

Humans and the Cosmos

Fall 21

IDST 190-013

Borders and Boundaries


IDST 190-014

Pandemics: Ethics, Literatures, and Cultures


IDST 190-015

The Art and Science of Expertise


IDST 190-016

Values and Prices


IDST 190-017

What is Art? Where is Art?


IDST 190-018

Never in Polite Company: Talking about Religion and Politics in Public


IDST 190-019

Countering Hate