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Reflection and Integration

Put your learning into action! This is where you will get your hands dirty – by conducting original research, studying abroad, pursing an internship, volunteering in the community, or creating an original piece of art. You will also participate in the vibrant intellectual life of the university taking place outside the classroom by attending performances, art exhibits, lectures, workshops, and debates. By applying your skills concretely and immersing yourself in a hands-on learning experience of your own design, you will build confidence as a leader, scholar, and citizen.


“For undergraduates who are not sure what to major in, Triple-I courses may spark their interest in different majors and careers.”

Arne Kalleberg
Instructor of “Understanding Health and Happiness”

Course Requirements

RequirementCreditsGen Ed Attribute
Research & Discovery1 to 3RESEARCH
High-Impact Experience
Study Abroad
Service Learning
Undergraduate Learning Assistant
1 to 3
Lifetime Fitness1LIFE-FIT
Communication Beyond Carolina3COMMBEYOND
Campus Life experience

Some courses in this category may double count with:

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