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Lauren Jarvis is a historian of 20th-century South Africa. Her current research focuses on how ideas move and, more specifically, how religious communities move them. In South Africa, these questions are especially interesting because of the ways that race and racism shaped Africans’ mobility and access to land and, as a result, the growth of Christianity in the country. Jarvis is also in the early stages of research for a book project on South Africans’ contributions to international humanitarianism and human rights history over the twentieth century. Jarvis completed her BA in History at an institution a few miles down the road (rhymes with “fluke”) and her MA and PhD in History at Stanford University. Before coming to UNC, she taught at Stanford, San Francisco State University, and the University of Utah. Jarvis has spent more than five years in South Africa working and doing research and hopes that students will leave this course convinced, as she is, that South Africa is actually the center of the universe. (Just kidding…sort of!)

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