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Dr. Domenic Tiani has been teaching at UNC since 2003, teaching a range of courses and labs. Dr. Tiani is an analytical chemist by training, working in the areas of spectroscopy and surface analysis during graduate school. Dr. Tiani was very interested in investigating the chemistry that occurs at interfaces and developing tools to help accomplish those measurements. At UNC he is part of a larger team of term faculty members that focus on chemical education, lab and curriculum development, and improving learning outcomes for students taking chemistry courses. He is committed to helping students be successful in chemistry and provide them with the tools to be prepared for their successive STEM classes. Dr. Tiani is an energetic teacher and a past recipient of The Tanner Award for Undergraduate Teaching at UNC-CH. He was a first-generation college student, as well as a transfer student when he was an undergraduate, so he can relate to a lot of other Carolina Firsts and transfer students he meets at UNC. Dr. Tiani also serves as one of three faculty advisers in the Department of Chemistry, he is a Carolina First Advocate, and a Carolina Covenant Mentor.

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