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Ashley Anderson is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She received her Ph.D. and M.A. in Government from Harvard University, and also holds a B.A. in International Relations from Stanford University. Most recently, she served as a post-doc in the UNC Political Science department with funding from the Carolina Post-Doctoral Program for Faculty Diversity. A specialist in comparative politics, her research interests include contentious politics, authoritarian regimes, and political institutions.

Currently, Ashley is working on a book project on variation in union responses to political movements in authoritarian regimes, with a particular emphasis on how varied strategies of labor incorporation in North African regimes lead to divergent patterns interest articulation, organizational development and anti-regime contention among union federations. In addition to this work, newer research projects examine the dynamics of opposition movements in authoritarian regimes more broadly, with applications to state-mobilized contention and Islamist party success.

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