Aleksandra Prica received her Ph.D. in medieval German literature from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She spent two years on a postdoctoral grant at the Department of Germanic Studies at the University of Chicago before joining the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in January 2016. She has a published a book on biblical exegesis and poetics entitled “Heilsgeschichten. Untersuchungen zur mittelalterlichen Bibelauslegung zwischen Poetik und Exegese,” which appeared with Chronos Press in 2010. Her second book “Decay and Afterlife: Form, Time, and the Textuality of Ruins, 1100-1900” (University of Chicago Press, 2022) sets out in new directions by pivoting away from our immediate visual fascination with the material urgency of ruins. It focuses on the textuality that ruins manifest in discourses about disintegration and survival, be they literary, philosophical or historiographical. Decay and Afterlife takes readers on a journey across the Latin, Italian, French, German and English speaking lands of Europe, traversing the long duree of 800 years of intellectual and literary history.