Alice Walker wrote “Time moves slowly, but passes quickly”. Tennessee Williams wrote, “Time is the longest distance between two places”. Throughout history, time has captivated and inspired artists, writers and musicians. From subtle movements to clearly defined sequences of change, artists will manipulate the element of time to enhance their ideas. “Time, A Doorway to Visual Expression”, considers the concept of time from a variety of perspectives and provides a path to investigate your own notions of time. As a group, we examine this mystifying topic through readings and discussions of Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams and Leonard Shlain’s Art and Physics. We also watch films, analyze videos and listen to music as we express our personal views through the art making process. As a first-year seminar, the course presumes no previous art experience and students may carry out their projects through a medium of their chossing (e.g., drawing, photography, painting, video, sound, performance and/or sculpture). We will immerse ourselves in the subject of time and create works of art inspired by our personal experiences and increased understanding of Time.