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Kelly Alexander is an Assistant Professor and George B. Tindall Fellow in the American Studies Department. Her research focuses on questions of food politics and ethics, particularly on food as a form of care. She holds a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University. She has worked as an editor at Saveur magazine, where she won a James Beard Journalism Award, and is co-author of a best-selling cookbook on barbecue with pitmaster Myron Mixon. She has written about the value of vintage relish trays; the enduring business model of Hooter’s; the horticultural triumphs of Michigan cherries; and the cultural significance of Popeye’s fried chicken sandwiches. Her latest research is on a network of people from chefs to policymakers engaging in grassroots efforts to recirculate food waste in Brussels, Belgium.

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