I am a physical geographer focusing on freshwater ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry. This involves connecting various spatial and temporal scales, and biotic and abiotic factors, within groundwater, lakes, wetlands, rivers, and their watersheds. In particular, I ask how connectivity between different parts of the landscape (including those we cannot see!), and over time, affect functions like carbon and nutrient cycling, food webs, and greenhouse gas dynamics. By understanding these connections, we can better predict how freshwaters react to climate change and anthropogenic alteration, so that we may better protect freshwater biodiversity and function. I use a mix of empirical and data science, and work across the U.S. and internationally. You can learn more about my research by visiting my website at amandadelvecchia.weebly.com, by emailing me, or by visiting during my office hours, in which case I can promise you a warm reception and an offer for tea.