Prerequisites, score of at least 32 on the ACT Math Test or Score of at least 700 on the SAT MATH 2 Subject Test or score of at least 4 on the AP Calculus AB Test or on the AB Subscore for the AP Calculus BC Test or Grade of A- or higher in MATH 130 at UNC-CH (or have the equivalent transfer credit). Students may not receive credit for both MATH 231 and MATH 241.

Math 231 is designed to provide a detailed introduction to the fundamental ideas of calculus. It does not assume any prior calculus knowledge, but the student is expected to be proficient working with functions and their graphs as well as manipulating variable expressions and solving equations using algebra.

This is the Honors section of Math 231. It offers a more demanding and deeper treatment than the regular sections as well as more involved applications. There will be more emphasis on understanding theory than in other sections, and students will be expected to understand and reproduce proofs of theorems and formulas. In addition, this section will cover extra topics, including the epsilon-delta definition of limit. Applications will be more involved and will sometimes involve real data. Homework will be more challenging, with more emphasis on creative problem solving and less emphasis on drill. Students will be expected to complete a final project.