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First-Year Thriving

First Year Thriving


First Year Thriving empowers all students to participate fully in the opportunities of a research university and find resources to support them in a rigorous academic setting. The course enhances and provides new tools to support students’ ability to study systematically, learn deeply, and monitor and foster their own well-being.

The First Year Thriving curriculum is currently in development.

Learning Outcomes

These are the learning outcomes that are expected of students after completing a course.


Increase and appreciate the significance of self-awareness.


Value a liberal arts education.


Set goals, plan, and reflect upon learning using aspects of using learning science: metacognition, self-regulated learning, and motivation.


Describe academic strategies, policies, and pathways and their link to resources such as academic advising and career services.


Reflect on the science of thriving: positive emotion, engagement, meaning, healthy relationships, resilience, stress, and other aspects of well-being.


Demonstrate mastery of basic mental health, drug and alcohol, and sexual wellness practices.